Comprehensive Guide to 10 Common Folding Bed Types: From Fold-up to Lie Down

Key Takeaways

  • Benefits of folding beds in small spaces.
  • Classic and practical fold-up bed designs.
  • Murphy beds: space-saving and stylish.
  • Sofa beds’ dual functionality for living spaces.
  • Trundle beds’ hidden beds for guests or children.
  • Futons: simple and adaptable for any room.
  • Rollaway beds: portable and convenient.
  • Ottoman beds: dual-purpose with storage.
  • Cabinet beds: stylish space-savers.
  • Bunk beds maximize vertical space.
  • Daybeds: blend elegance with practicality.

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When you’re living in a small space, every square inch counts. That’s why I’m a huge fan of folding beds. They’re an incredibly versatile space saving furniture. They’re like secret weapons for small apartments, studios, and guest rooms.

And I’ve seen firsthand how a cleverly chosen folding bed can transform a cramped area into a multi-functional space.

In this guide, I’m excited to walk you through the different types of folding beds available. Whether you’re a city dweller in a tiny apartment or just looking for a smart way to accommodate guests, you’ll find some great options here.

Why Folding Beds?

Folding beds are game-changers in space management. And I’m always amazed at how these beds open up a room, unlike any other piece of furniture.

Compared to conventional beds, folding beds can be tucked away when not in use, freeing up valuable space for other activities. They come in various styles, each serving a unique purpose – from wall-saving Murphy beds to dual-purpose sofa beds. Especially in smaller living quarters, where flexibility is key, these beds offer a practical solution for both comfort and space efficiency.

So, let’s go through 10 of the most common folding beds and understand what they are, their differences, and how (and where in a house) they work best:

1. Standard Fold-Up Bed

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  • Easy to move and store.
  • Affordable and convenient for temporary use.

The standard fold-up bed is a classic choice for a reason. It’s straightforward, no-frills, and gets the job done.

I’ve recommended these to clients who need an easy, temporary sleeping solution. These beds usually come on wheels, making them easy to move and store. Ideal for occasional guests, they don’t require a permanent space.

The best part? They’re often quite affordable, making them a great option for those on a budget.

2. Murphy Beds: The Wall-Saving Wonder

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  • Perfect for tiny apartments.
  • Doubles room functionality stylishly.

Murphy beds are a personal favorite of mine. They are perfect for studios or one-room apartments.

I’ve seen them work wonders in tiny spaces, doubling the usability of a room. During the day, it’s a home office or living room, and at night, it transforms into a cozy bedroom. Modern Murphy beds come with stylish designs that add to your room’s aesthetic.

Plus, they’re surprisingly comfortable, offering a full-sized bed experience without eating up your floor space.

3. Sofa Beds: Dual Functionality

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  • Serves as both sofa and bed.
  • Balances comfort in both uses.

Sofa beds are a classic example of dual functionality. They’re sofas that transform into beds, ideal for living rooms or home offices. I’ve advised clients to go for sofa beds when they want their living space to double as a guest room.

The key is to find a balance between a comfy sofa and a supportive bed. Some newer models have improved mattress quality, so they’re more comfortable for regular use. Remember, test them out first – both as a sofa and a bed!

4. Trundle Beds: Hidden Potential

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  • Great for children’s rooms and guests.
  • Space-efficient for sleepovers.

Trundle beds are fantastic for guest rooms or kids’ rooms. They consist of a bed with another bed tucked underneath, which can be pulled out when needed. I’ve seen trundle beds used cleverly in children’s rooms, providing an extra bed for sleepovers without taking up extra space.

They’re also great in guest rooms – use the main bed most of the time, and pull out the trundle for guests. It’s a space-saving wonder without the need for any fancy mechanisms.

5. Futons: The Flexible Choice

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  • Transforms from sofa to bed.
  • Versatile styles and comfort levels.

Futons are a bit different from your typical fold-up bed. They serve as a couch and then flatten into a bed.

What I love about futons is their simplicity and versatility. They’re great for small apartments or home offices that need to double as a guest room.

Plus, they come in various styles and thicknesses, so you can choose one that matches your decor and comfort needs. I always suggest checking the mattress quality – a good futon should be comfortable both as a bed and a sofa.

6. Rollaway Beds: The Portable Solution

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  • Easy to fold and transport.
  • Suitable for temporary sleeping arrangements.

Rollaway beds are the epitome of convenience. They’re easy to fold up and roll away into a closet or storage area.

I’ve recommended these to clients who need an extra bed but don’t have the space to dedicate to a permanent guest bed. They come with mattresses and are more comfortable than you might expect.

Some even have memory foam options! Perfect for overnight guests, they’re a simple, portable solution for temporary sleeping arrangements.

7. Ottoman Beds: Stylish and Sneaky

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  • Dual-purpose with hidden bed.
  • Adds storage and style to small spaces.

Ottoman beds are a clever choice for small spaces. They serve as a footrest or a seat during the day and transform into a bed at night. I’ve used them in studio apartments and small living rooms.

They’re great because they don’t look like beds at first glance, adding a stylish element to your room. Plus, they often come with storage space inside, which is always a bonus in small spaces. It’s a two-in-one solution that’s both practical and chic.

8. Cabinet Beds: Compact Elegance

  • Full-sized bed in a stylish cabinet.
  • Ideal for multipurpose small rooms.

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Cabinet beds are a more recent discovery for me, but I’ve been impressed. They tuck a full-sized bed away into a stylish cabinet. When closed, they can serve as a TV stand or a storage cabinet.

They’re a fantastic option for studio apartments or multipurpose rooms. The bed folds out easily, and you can have a comfortable sleeping space in no time.

The best part is the variety of designs available, allowing you to choose a style that blends seamlessly with your existing decor. I always remind clients to consider the cabinet size to ensure it fits well in their intended space.

9. Bunk Beds: Vertical Space Optimizers

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  • Space-efficient for shared or small rooms.
  • Modern designs for adult use.

Bunk beds aren’t just for kids’ rooms. I’ve recommended them for adults in tiny apartments or shared living spaces.

They are excellent for maximizing vertical space. Modern designs include sleek, minimalistic styles that don’t feel childish. Some even come with a workspace or storage underneath the top bunk.

If you’re comfortable with climbing up to bed, bunk beds can be a fun and space-efficient sleeping solution.

10. Daybeds: Elegant and Practical

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  • Combines seating and sleeping.
  • Ideal for offices or small sitting rooms.

Daybeds are a beautiful blend of a sofa and a bed. I often suggest them for home offices or small sitting rooms. They’re designed to be used as a seat during the day and can be transformed into a bed for guests.

The best part about daybeds is their design flexibility – they come in various styles, from modern to traditional. They’re also great for creating a cozy reading nook. Add some cushions and blankets, and you’ve got a stylish, functional piece of furniture.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right folding bed can make a huge difference in a small space. Whether you’re looking for something temporary for guests or a permanent space-saving solution, there’s a folding bed type out there for you.

I’ve seen how these beds can transform spaces, offering comfort without sacrificing style or functionality. Remember, the key is to consider your space, needs, and style.

With the right folding bed, you can enjoy a spacious and comfortable home, no matter the size. Happy decorating, and enjoy the newfound space in your home!

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