Try This Gothic Home Decor to Spice Up Your Apartment

Farah Nadia

Gothic home decor is not for everyone, isn’t it? Well, that’s not entirely true. Read on to find out why.

When I think of Gothic home decor, the Addams Family manor easily comes to mind, along with these three other things: Dracula, Tim Burton’s movies, and Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter.

Gothic aesthetics romanticizes the morbid, eerie, and shows a penchant for the macabre. But that’s not all there is to it.

Gothic can also be romantic, elegant, and refined. It doesn’t have to be overdone by painting everything in black nor defined by spooky elements. And when played right, it’s a style that doesn’t have to look like it’s taken straight out of a horror movie.

Here are some ideas on how to make your space unique with some touches of Gothic home decor:

1. Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark

Dark colors are the hallmark of the Gothic aesthetic but it can be daunting to even think of painting your walls black. Darker colors can make an already tiny room seem smaller but when done right, dark-colored walls can even set the mood for rooms. 

Gothic decor uses a lot of dark colors
  • Go For Texture – Having texture in your walls adds more visual interest to a room rather than just painting your walls in flat matte black paint. If you want to highlight certain architectural details in a room, like your fireplace, paint it in glossy black paint or you can add texture by using wallpapers such as damask. Another idea would be to use chalkboard paint on one part of the wall where you can create drawings such as skulls, crows, and other Gothic art. 
  • Create Contrast – A black wall is a perfect canvas to make other colors stand out. Paint your trims, doors, and ceiling in white, for example. Creating contrast by painting room features and details in a different color helps make it easier for dark walls to transition and work with adjacent rooms.
  • Create an Accent Wall – As mentioned, if your room is tiny, then dark colors may not be right for you. You can, however, create an accent wall instead like the wall where your headboard is. Choosing shades close to black like a deep charcoal gray can also give you the experience of black walls without overdoing it. 

2. Be Creative With Color

As much as the Goth aesthetic is defined by black, do not be afraid to try other colors. Colors like burgundy, purple, emerald green, and gold all exude an aura of drama and elegance that goes well with Gothic home decor.

Use burgundy, purple or emerald green for a gothic decor aesthetic

It can be done in subtle ways through the use of throw pillows, linen and curtains or through accessories like jars and vases. Choose textiles made of silk, velvet, leather and satin that really stand out in darker colors.

Remember that Gothic home decor is defined by elegance so that’s what you should aim to achieve.

JUSPURBET’s velvet pillows, for example, are a great addition to beds or black leather couches because it comes in colors like purple, blue and emerald green. This could also be your chance to up the comfort level in your home with luxurious satin sheets and pair it with a hanging canopy to set a cozy, romantic mood in your bedroom.

3. Look For Modern Gothic Furniture

Nothing screams Goth than black vintage furniture, but these can be overpowering for some especially for those living in tiny apartments. Instead, go for pieces that are bright and modern to avoid the heavy feeling that most Gothic furniture exude.

Modern gothic furniture

Choose a few accent pieces that can become conversational pieces, rather than buying a whole set that is too overbearing.

Modern upholstered and tufted chaise lounges or armchairs in leather or velvet make great accent pieces.

The Louis XIV Ghost Chair is a good example of contemporary meets vintage furniture that is both sleek and minimalist. Pair it with Sleepwish’s Skull Fleece Blankets to make it look cozy without compromising that Gothic look, of course.

4. Display the Mundane

If you have a collection of insect and animal specimen in jars or a taxidermy collection, now is the time to display them!

Taxidermy and insect samples for display in a gothic decor home

If you’re not into that, you can still display collections of flowers, leaves, and other non-animal items that are less likely to send shivers down your spine. Travel memorabilia that you have collected over the years are also great for display. 

This butterfly collection in a shadow box is non-spooky and can be a great addition to your display. 

5. Invest in High-Quality Accessories 

Don’t just go for plastic Halloween toys, pull off the look by choosing to invest in good quality accessories that can truly be part of your home.

Remember that the Goth aesthetic is all about elegance and nothing spells elegance other than choosing high-quality home decor to furnish your home.

Gothic decor accessories

Accessories are also a way to subtly introduce a Gothic look to your home without being overpowering. Don’t just go for Gothic home decor that you find interesting, choose pieces that you can use year-round and not just for Halloween. 

The kitchen is one room where you can have fun by adding Gothic themed utensils and decors such as this Day of The Dead Salt and Pepper Shakers or if you have a mini bar, add this Decanter and Shot Glasses set by The Wine Savant to create a bit of novelty among your drinking buddies.

6. Hang Your Favorite Gothic Artworks

Remember when you used to stick posters of your favorite Goth bands on your bedroom wall? Now that you are decorating your own house, investing on a few unique artworks can really perk up your home.

Tapestry for gothic home decor
Find this tapestry here

Create a gallery wall with some vintage looking posters or hang a Goth themed tapestry

Choose one favorite artwork, have it enlarged, get it framed and make it the centerpiece of a room. Remember, like accessories, choose artwork that not only fascinates you but also something that works with your space.

Trying out the Goth aesthetic is certainly not for everyone and definitely not for the faint of heart but when done right, Gothic home decor can be tasteful, a novelty even, adding humor with class and going beyond its ghostly stereotype and becoming a decor for all seasons.