Mid Century Chairs: Why are They Trending Again?

Farah Nadia

Tufted armchairs might be luxurious but nothing adds a modern and minimalist aesthetic as mid century chairs

Mid century furniture is iconic and timelessly classic. The low-slung, clean-lined designs became massively popular during the ‘50s and ‘60s. People chucked out their chunky tufted armchairs and adorned their homes with these modern accent pieces.

They made a strong comeback in the ‘90s and still haven’t left the décor scene. Now it’s the ‘50s all over again and the modern mid century chairs are everywhere. Restaurants are lined with tubular-legged chairs. Offices are recreating Mad Men’s modern interior. Dining rooms are seeing more and more Saarinen chairs. And designers are launching new styles every season.

Are mid century chairs suitable for small spaces?

Mid century chairs are perfect for small spaces. Their sculptural form, sweeping look, and clean design don’t take as much room like the tufted furniture. They also bring a calm and relaxing aesthetic to space, which is incredibly important since we spend a lot time in our homes.

And this is why of all the resurging styles, this is a trend that we love the most.

Here are some reasons why mid-centuries chairs are trending again and why you should be getting some for yourself:

1. Simplicity is back in the game

Mid century simplicity and minimal design
<em>Source home designingcom<em>

Simplicity is soothing. It has a unique beauty to it. It feels light and freeing. It gives you room to breathe and the opportunity to truly appreciate what you have. That is why interior décor has also shifted towards minimalism.

Replace those huge traditional sofas with sleek mid century chairs and watch them completely change how you live. Their grace will breathe a new life in your space and their simplicity will allow them to adapt to any style. A clean and refined environment is also known to promote productivity so it’s a win-win for all those work-from-home (WFH) situations.

2. Perfect for small spaces

Mid century chairs save space, for example the Tulip chair
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When you are living in a studio apartment, there is little to work with. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have the décor of your dreams. Mid century chairs are a godsend when you have limited space. They look amazing and save a lot of space. There are so many designs out there suitable for small spaces but tulip chairs come highly recommended.   

Since mid century chairs don’t hang low and touch the floor, cleaning becomes super easy too. You can add accent pieces without the décor feeling overwhelming. And most importantly, when your small space is not as cramped, you won’t be stubbing your toe anymore.

3. Form meets functionality

Mid century chairs are the perfect combination of form meets function
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Big and bulky furniture might seem grand and luxurious but it causes the space to feel cluttered and cramped. It also doesn’t make a room or house feel particularly cozy and charming. They also come with a tonne of functionality and mobility problems for small houses and apartments. Rearranging furniture feels like a nightmare. And don’t even think about introducing new décor items.

Mid century chairs have tasteful form. They are fresh and streamlined without being boring. Tapered legs of mid century chairs show off the floor space and the material. Since they don’t take a lot of room, you can use the space left for other purposes. 

4. Calming aesthetic

Mid century chair designs have a calming aesthetic
<em>Source gulmoharlanecom<em>

The gentle curves and organic shapes of mid century chairs have a calming aesthetic. They are undeniably beautiful and create a modernly minimalist space. Their light appearance is pleasing to the eyes and refreshing for your space.

Mid century chairs don’t have an in-your-face design. This allows them to create a pleasantly peaceful ambiance. Their sleek designs also require minimal upkeep. So all that you’d be doing is kicking back and taking in all the tranquility.

5. Ideal for urban homes

Mid century chairs are ideal for urban homes
<em>Source interiorzinecom<em>

Urban homes follow a contemporary and industrial design. Their cosmopolitan vibe calls for fresh and functional furniture and mid century chairs perfectly fit the bill. Urban dwellers who are on the move can also benefit from these simple and small pieces. Inner-city living also means a relatively smaller space. And guess who the savior is? That’s right – mid century chairs.

6. You can play with materials and colors

Mid century chairs can be paired with a variety of colors and textures
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If you have a muted décor theme, mid century chairs can serve as those statement pieces that add a charming contrast. Their bold and bright colors can really liven up your space. Want some drama and energy in an otherwise dulled down room? Mid century chairs in mustard, orange, fire red, olive green, and turquoise color are your answer. That cheerful vibe is what we need in these post-COVID times. 

Mid century chairs also give you the freedom to play with different materials. You have the option of, for example, walnut wood with brass accents when it comes to the structure. And a wide range of other materials including velvet, leather, polyester, cotton, linen, and wool when it comes to seats.

7. Timeless style with futuristic appeal

Mid century style is timeless yet futuristic
<em>Source weburbanistcom<em>

Sleek forms, innovative shapes, and smooth planes give mid century chairs a very futuristic appeal. Which means this trend has some major staying power. Furniture is purchased with the objective of lasting a lifetime or at least a good couple of decades. If you invest in mid century chairs, rest assured because they are not going to get outdated any time soon. All thanks to their timeless style.

8. Closer to nature

Mid century chairs uses a lot of natural material like wood
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Mid century chairs are characterized by the honest use of natural materials. Most chairs are made out of wood, metal, glass, cotton, linen, and other natural materials, contributing hugely to environmental conservation. So sustainability woes are out the window.

This timeless style in general also focuses on using natural lighting. Large windows without heavy curtains not only let you bathe in the sun but also connect you to nature. Especially if the said windows are opening in a garden or a yard.

Mid century chairs, can’t live without them (in small spaces)

Mid century chairs have rightfully earned their place as one of the greatest decor movements that can never go out of style. Not only do they look gorgeous and graceful, but they are also perfect for small spaces.

There’s a reason why you see them in nearly every show and movie. Or rather many reasons as stated above. They are the crown jewel of modern furniture and your home definitely deserves one (or many more if you’re anything like us).