How to Organize a Small Apartment like a Pro

Farah Nadia

If you’re like most people living in a big city, your apartment probably isn’t as spacious as you might like. With limited space, it’s important to get creative with storage and organization – no one wants to live out of their bedroom. But don’t worry! We have some great tips that will help turn your small space into the home of your dreams.

“It’s not how much space you have, but what you do with the space that counts.” This is a quote that can be applied to any small living situation.

Whether it’s an apartment, a studio, or a dorm room, this article will provide inspiration for how to make your small living quarters feel spacious and comfortable.

We’ll start by talking about clever storage ideas and then work our way through organizing furniture in different configurations until we find one that suits your needs!

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Anyone can organize a small apartment. But do you know how “pros” do it?

If you have a small apartment, it’s important to think about how your furniture will be arranged. You’ll want to keep any large pieces of furniture in the back and put smaller items like bookshelves or side tables near the front for easy access from anywhere in the room.

The first thing you need to do when trying to organize a small apartment is perform a clear-out. Take everything that isn’t being used and either donate it or put it in storage.

This will help reduce clutter, which will make space feel bigger and more open. Once this has been done, consider how you want your furniture arranged in the room.

You may have limited square footage so you need to be creative with how you arrange things!

So, to help you get started, we’ve compiled a long list of tips you can use to organize your living area, dining area, bedroom, bathroom, and more. These ideas are not specific to an area in your apartment but allow flexibility for you to apply them to wherever you see fit.

Here is a list of tried-and-true tips to help you organize your small apartment:

Add a rug to define your living space or a throw blanket to the couch for comfort and style

When you have a small space, it can be hard to define the “living” area. Adding an accent rug will help set up your living room and make it feel like its own separate oasis from the rest of the apartment. And don’t forget about comfort!

A throw blanket on the couch or bed is always great if you need that extra bit of coziness when lounging in front of Netflix after a long day at work. Try placing one near reading material for those times when you want to curl up with a book while still being able-bodied enough to turn pages without getting out of bed.

Keep all your electronics out of sight with a TV stand or shelves that match your decor 

One of the messiest space in a living room is almost always where electronics like the TV and your audio system is placed. To keep it looking orderly and neat, try using a TV stand or shelves that match the rest of your decor to house all these items.

Another great space-saving idea is adding some floating media storage on the wall near your entertainment center so you can store DVDs and Blu-ray discs without having them cluttering up surfaces in the living room.

Make sure to also get cable ties or cable organizers to keep cords from getting tangled or messy.

My favorite tip for how to organize a small condo is to use wire baskets on the back of doors instead of leaving them open all day long. The baskets can hold clothes, toys, shoes, and other items that you don’t want out in the living room.

Use decorative storage containers to keep things tidy and organized 

You can also use decorative storage containers to keep things tidy and organized. For example, you might have a stack of cereal boxes in your kitchen that are taking up a lot of space on the shelf but look too cute to toss out.

An easy solution is getting some clear glass jars or plastic bins with lids so they’re easily accessible from anywhere in the room. You’ll still be able to see what’s inside each jar without it being an eyesore!

You don’t need extra furniture to make your space feel more tidy and organized. Using the right containers can do wonders for improving how a room looks, but also how it functions.

To keep everything neat in the living area while still adding to its decor, you could buy some decorative baskets of different shapes and sizes that fit perfectly into each corner or against any wall space where they won’t get in anyone’s way.

cookware set on floating shelves

Use the space you have wisely by maximizing vertical storage

One of the best ways how to organize a small apartment is by maximizing vertical storage. It’s easy to hang cupboard organizers from the ceiling or install shelving units at different heights around the apartment for added convenience.

This can be done through shelving, hanging racks, or even hooks. Consider installing shelves on an empty wall in your bedroom that will give you plenty of room for clothes and other items like books or baskets full of toiletries!

If you’re looking for clever storage ideas for small apartments, consider using old milk crates as shoe organizers – they’ll look great grouped together on a narrow bookcase! A corner desk with a drawer underneath also makes it easy to store all those little things we tend to keep out on our desks when there’s nowhere else to put them.

Store your most used items in areas that are easy to access

Store your most used items in areas that are easy to access. This is especially important for small apartments where storage space can be limited. For example, store pots and pans together on the kitchen counter instead of inside a cabinet so you don’t have to take them out every time you need one!

It’s also a good idea to store items like cleaning supplies in the living room where they’re easily accessible. For instance, you might want to keep all your dishwashing soap and sponges right next to the sink or even inside the cabinet under it! That way, nothing will be left out on your countertops that just creates clutter.

Keep all of your clothes organized by type, color, or season

Another idea is to keep all of your clothes organized by type, color, or season so you know exactly where they are and don’t have a lot of trouble looking for them when it’s time to get ready!

It can be really helpful to keep your smaller or less frequently used items in storage bins tucked away under your bed so as not to take up much-needed space elsewhere. For instance, if you have clothes that are just too big for this season, put them in storage boxes until next year!

If you don’t want guests seeing things all over your apartment every time they come by (especially personal stuff!), then try tucking those things into closets or even storing them outside of your home.

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Arrange furniture to create a functional living space

Remember, you don’t have as much space so it’s better not to fill any unused spaces with unnecessary items. Think carefully before purchasing new things or putting anything extra into your home because having more stuff will only mean less room for everything else! (Don’t buy clutter)

Make sure there are no obstacles blocking entrances like stacks of boxes or shoes on the floor that people need to walk around when coming inside your home. You want everyone who enters your home to feel comfortable right off the bat without feeling cramped.

I like to use one end of a room as my living space and the other for sleeping. I put couches on both sides so when you walk in, there’s something to sit or lay on immediately without having to go any further into the apartment. The coffee table is usually placed right under the television at this point too!

If your kitchen is just off from where people will be sitting (or hanging out) place it near an entrance rather than across the entire length of a wall that divides two rooms which makes cooking more challenging with all those extra steps. If possible isolate some storage away from main areas or close entrances so guests don’t have access but do not make it difficult for yourself by doing this if it means opening up a bedroom or living room to get into the kitchen.

Clear surfaces of clutter and keep only the essentials on hand

It’s probably the biggest problem with living in a small apartment. There’s barely space to put anything! And as tempting as it may be, don’t get lazy by just leaving things (aka clutter) on your table, bed, floor, what have you.

Instead, force yourself to remember that nothing should be left on any surface. They either go in a drawer, a cabinet, a storage box, or heck, the fridge (if it’s food, of course).

This is especially important for the surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom. You’re going to be using them more often than others so make sure they are clear of clutter at all times. And if you don’t have enough counter space, try storing some food items in a storage box on top of your fridge or keep smaller appliances like blenders out of sight when not being used.

Use storage containers to organize small spaces like under-the-bed, in closets, or inside cabinets

If you’re a renter, try to get creative with how you use the space under your bed. You can store things in bins or plastic crates and line them up neatly on shelves so they don’t take up too much room.

The same goes for inside cabinets: anything that doesn’t have an obvious home is best stored out of sight because it will just make everything else more cluttered.

Dedicate one drawer to house all of your odds and ends like old receipts, batteries, costume jewelry, hair ties etc (anything that has no other place). This way when items are needed again, there’s less searching involved!

Purchase small shelving units for any surfaces not occupied by furniture—the backs of doors are great for this, or use a bookshelf in the entryway to store shoes and coats.

It can also be helpful to designate one space as an “out of sight” zone where you put things that would otherwise clutter up other areas like your desk or bedside table. Put anything too big (like pillows) on top of furniture instead of leaving it out on the floor!

If there’s nothing else available, make do with what you have by creatively rearranging pieces so they take less room than before—there may not be any good way around using awkward spaces if that’s all you’ve got… but it sure beats tripping over everything every day.

Tip: try hanging sheers over shelves in lieu

Label all boxes with what’s inside so you know where things are when you need them 

Okay, so you’ve got yourself enough storage boxes to keep all your stuff, furniture, your dreams, your dogs, and probably all your neighbors’ dogs. Great! But, do you know what’s in each box?

It’s common sense. But trust me, it’s such an easy mistake to make (one that I’ve made myself).

Always remember to label all your storage boxes! It will save you so much time and hassle.

Tip: try using containers as furniture – like DIY shoe racks made from Ikea shelving units and baskets —or use stacks of books to create side tables or seating areas.

Hang up your clothes instead of putting them in drawers so they don’t get wrinkled

Don’t store clothing in drawers!

Get a clothes rack that can be folded up when not in use, or utilize wall space by hanging your clothes on hooks behind the door (or from a rod).

This will keep them wrinkle-free and make it easy to find what you’re looking for with just one glance!

If you have the room, consider getting an armoire-style wardrobe stand. They come at all different sizes and they are perfect for storing everything from sweaters to shoes to scarves.

Place books and decorative objects on shelves – you don’t have to fill every inch of space with items!

A bookshelf is a perfect way to keep things organized and looking great.

Use every inch of space on your shelves, but don’t be afraid to leave some empty! It creates a more striking visual look that can make any small apartment feel larger than it really is.

You’ll need less storage if you only put out items you use regularly – especially in smaller spaces where everything looks cluttered fast.

And remember: when decorating with plants or flowers, group them together rather than placing one here and there throughout the room for an even prettier effect!

Keep walls clear by displaying photos or artworks over furniture pieces. A couple of well placed framed prints will do wonders at adding color and character to a small space!

Try a mix of colors and textures for the best effect. A black sofa with an orange rug, or even white walls and wood floors will look great together in small spaces.

Tip: Using a small space doesn’t mean you can’t have style! Use furniture to create a focal point, hang art on your walls, and keep the essentials by the door.

Accessibility is key when it comes to small apartments! You’ll want to make sure you minimize any obstacles for yourself so you don’t have too much trouble getting around and using what you need while living there.

The more practical your apartment storage space can be, the better off you will be – the less time wasted looking for things! An ideal solution would be keeping only those appliances on top of cabinets that are needed daily (such as dishes), and storing everything else in the cabinets underneath.