Complete Guide to Patio Furniture Ideas for Small Houses

Farah Nadia

You might not have many patio furniture ideas for your place, which is why this guide will definitely be invaluable.

When it comes to small houses or apartments, one of the trickiest places to decor is the patio. Since most patio furniture are designed for much larger spaces and outdoor gardens, it makes the exercise of creating a comfortable patio a lot more challenging.

With this comprehensive guide to patio furniture ideas, you’ll have plenty of insights into how best you can decorate and furnish your small patio space. We will also talk about the right type of materials to choose for your patio furniture and some tips about how to accessorize your patio.

How to choose patio furniture for small homes?

When you are looking at furniture for your patio, it’s really important to keep in mind how the pieces will look together. If they don’t match with each other and there is no color scheme or theme that ties them all together then what looks like a beautiful space may be fragmented instead of cohesive. 

Creating a design board can help by making sure everything blends perfectly. That way you can easily sort the right balance between the color palette, design theme, and comfort level.

A cozy dining set

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and host a backyard bash. Here’s what you need: an outdoor table with two-to-four seats for intimate gatherings or one that can seat four people comfortably; chairs in either metal (for durability) or lightweight plastic material so they’re easier to move around if necessary; finally, some nice patio lights because it gets dark quickly outside after sundown!

You want your dinner party guests feeling comfortable when they come over but sometimes space is limited on smaller patios – try finding compact tables which will still accommodate up to 4 place settings while leaving room for activities like playing out design plans beneath their string of beautiful porch light bulbs.

Slim sofas or loveseats

If you want to have a more comfortable sitting arrangement on your patio, consider buying an armchair or loveseat. These are often larger than other arrangements so they will take up extra space in the center of your outdoor area that isn’t needed for smaller decorations like lamps and potted plants. 

If possible, try to place these chairs against walls or corners which leaves room in the center of your patio for small items such as tables and decorative pots with flowers growing out from them

Space efficient chairs

You can get individual chairs to change the size of each piece and find your own seating arrangements with a variety.

A special set of chairs, when done right, will create a one-of-a-kind look for your patio in its entirety. You could also experiment by mixing accent furniture such as ottomans and benches if you want more coordination overall in terms of style or even color scheme!

Benches for added flair

A bench is a perfect piece of outdoor furniture for your patio. They’re versatile and come in many styles, from metal to wood! A storage bench will let you store all those extra things that tend to pile up on the ground when not in use – like cushions or coverings.

Nesting tables

Nesting tables are a great and practical way to save space on your patio. They come with all sorts of designs, sizes, colors, patterns – the possibilities are endless! You can use them as end tables for when friends visit or combine two sets together to create an eclectic display on one side of your home.

Statement daybeds

Bring the indoors outdoors with a statement daybed. Covered in pillows and surrounded by plants, this décor will be minimal while also freeing floor space to soothe your invaded senses.

Multipurpose furniture

Stools and poufs make for the perfect multipurpose furniture that will help you get more bang out of your buck. From storage to tables, these functional pieces are versatile in their design.

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How to accessorize small house patios?

The briefest word of advice? Keep it all simple!

With small places, decluttering is the best thing you can do. What you need is simple minimalist furniture paired with some well-curated accessories for a patio that’s both cozy and functional.

Here are some patio furniture ideas with accessories that are easy to implement:

Cover up

Flowing, gauzy curtains can add a lovely vibe to your patio and bring a sense of privacy. They may be temporary (which makes them perfect for renters) but also inexpensive. Moreover, you can use decorative fences or a folding screen and get an instantly Instagramable patio.

Upcycle your oldies

When you think about getting rid of your old, unwanted furniture and other materials like broken windows or wood quarter pallets that are just lying around in the garage.

You can always recycle them by turning them into beautiful recycled furnishing for garden patios! They make great statement pieces when used as side tables, clothes racks, benches or even storage units.

Bring some nature

If you live in a small space, it can be difficult to find enough room for plants. Luckily there are many clever ways that plant lovers have found to bring greenery into their homes.

You might consider vertical arrangements or hanging pots if the floor is too crowded with furniture and other items already occupying your living spacial area.

Contemporary fire pits

There’s nothing better than being able to curl up next to a fire pit while having conversations, digging through snacks, or just listening to music on your patio.

Making one of these features for yourself is easy and can be done with concrete, or you could go out and buy something more modern from furniture stores.

Our favorite are those made by Concrete Creations that cost under $50! Chiminea fireplaces also look great if you are feeling particularly inspired.

Floor seating

The use of floor cushions and poufs to decorate your patio is an excellent way to add pops of color while also providing a place for guests. Not only are these seating options easy to store, but they can be relocated at any moment’s notice.

They will not clutter the space as you could always remove them or upcycle them if need be! Floor seats are cheap, too; so it won’t cost much to get some new ones in order that match your current style preferences perfectly.

Good lighting

When the sun goes down, your patio will need some light. Choosing a type of outdoor lighting can be tricky – fairy lights or twinkling ones?

Either way, good lighting has the potential to completely transform the vibe of your patio space. But don’t forget to include cords and bulbs so you don’t have to worry about power outlets! 

Water feature

A water feature on the patio is not only soothing but also adds a great decorative element no matter what type of home you happen to live in.

Small Koi ponds or bamboo water features are perfect for creating that zen feeling anywhere, whether it’s in a small house in a suburb or in a 12th floor apartment building in a busy city. 

Window boxes

A window box with a planting of bright flowers is always popular for its country appeal. For your small house patio or balcony, these will add just the right touch to make your patio feel that much more homey.

How to choose the best material for your patio furniture

Okay, now that we have some grasp on patio furniture ideas that will work for your small home. Next comes what type of material should your small patio furniture be.

And trust me, you’d want to be careful with this part, as outdoor furniture is exposed to a lot of external elements.

Here are some factors you should consider when choosing furniture so it can retain its structural integrity for the longest possible time:

  • Rain and moisture (can lead to mold, mildew, rot, rust, corrosion, and warping)
  • High temperatures and sun exposure (can cause fading, cracking and heat retention in certain materials)
  • Wind
  • Durability
  • Cleaning
  • Eco-friendliness

You need to think about all these external influences while purchasing your patio furniture. Plus, there’s that dreaded matter of cost involved as well. 

To give you an overview of various materials and how they operate under external factors, I’ve summarised some popular materials used in outdoor furnishings based on their enduring and aesthetic qualities to help you make an informed decision:


Hardwoods (e.g., shorea, teak, eucalyptus, ipe, and white oak) are heartier and can resist weather damage. Also, hardwoods can last decades if treated right. However, they might not easily bend into more ideal shapes and can retain their rough edges, which can dampen your artistic instincts. 

Teak is the most popular hardwood used for patio furniture. It doesn’t warp, crack, or become brittle. It repels water efficiently, so it won’t expand or contract.

It doesn’t easily rot or decay. It’s also easy to care for. With all these pros, you might understand why teak wood is so high in demand. Which makes it a lot pricier than most other types of wood.


gray plastic armchair on green grass

One of the strongest and most durable materials for outdoor garden frames, the metal patio furniture will be thinner and carry more ornate design details. It’s hard to break and has plenty of aesthetic benefits.

Stainless steel is one of the most popular choices of metals for outdoor furniture like dining tables, sofas, and sectionals as it can support considerable weight. It can endure high temperatures well and is immune to rust and corrosion. It’s also environmentally safe. And here comes the big hairy “but” – it’s a pretty expensive option.

Aluminum is also great for patio furniture as it is strong, lightweight, and can be made into intricate designs. But despite its many pros, aluminum is not as attractive to some people. For instance, it does poorly in strong winds and also retains heat better than other metals do.

Wrought iron is what I personally love for its vintage and stylish look. It’s solid, gravy and a great choice for windy areas. Though one big downside is that it rusts easily, retains temperatures, and requires more maintenance than other types of metal.

Synthetic resins and plastic

Synthetic resin is almost always part of the outdoor wicker furniture, which is a great choice for simple yet lovely patio decor.

Outdoor wicker furniture pairs up pretty well with other elements. Based on the décor inspiration, it can either look super fancy or very down-to-earth. You can easily create a timeless French-inspired patio with textiles, pillows, and wicker decor.

As for plastic for outdoor furniture, it is pretty famous for its design quality, easy maintenance, and lightweight. Be careful though since this furniture is not for windy places and can cause environmental damage.

High-pressure laminate (HPL)

Sleek and modern, HPL is made with paper fiber, resin, and wood pulp, and then heated under pressure to generate a layered sleek material.

It’s tough and resists scratches. It’s also antibacterial in nature. However, it is a costly material.

Tempered glass

Tempered glass is one of the most popular choices for table tops due to its high temperature tolerance. It makes it an elegant and airy choice, but can cause glare in sunny areas or be too heavy depending on preference.


white fur textile on brown woven chair

Rattan furniture is a great way to spice up any patio. No longer just for grandmas, rattan can be painted or left in its natural state depending on your preference and style.

Rattan makes an instant impression with the right color scheme, but it’s not so durable when exposed to weather conditions like humidity; you’ll need to move indoors if this happens!


Concrete is a material that has been used for thousands of years. It’s timeless, long-lasting and durable making it the perfect choice when creating outdoor furniture. Concrete can be made in any shape you desire including dining tables!

But beware: concrete is also heavy (and need I say permanent?) which means placement needs to be thought out carefully so as not to create an irreversible decision on your patio space!


There are so many ways to go about designing and furnishing your patio, but only a few smart approaches. We’ve seen some pretty odd things over the years from people’s patios – like benches made out of old doors or the mismatched furniture that clashes with one another. 

To avoid these mishaps in decorating your own space, I’d recommend taking cues from this article to narrow down on the best patio furniture ideas for your small house. Especially before you start swiping that (probably nearly overdrawn) credit card to buy furniture and decor pieces for your patio!

Patio design can be tricky. But if you follow my tips here, then it’ll save you a lot of time and hopefully money (I promise).