Should You Use a Portable Closet for Your Tiny House?

Farah Nadia

If you’re not always moving homes, would you really need a portable closet? Well, the answer might surprise you.

I don’t have too many clothes, I just don’t have enough closets.” Now that is something we can all relate to and if at one point (or maybe said it too often) in your life you’ve said that, well maybe it’s time to look at portable closets for your home.

A portable closet is an affordable and space saving alternative to bulkier built-in or traditional closets. If you have a walk-in closet, it’s a great addition to make it more organized.

It’s also more flexible than a traditional closet with most portable closets having adjustable shelves or rods and being expandable to fit your space and needs.

Portable closets aren’t just for bedrooms or for storing your clothes. Its affordability and ease of use makes it flexible to be used in bathrooms to store extra rolls of toilet paper or in your home office for your files or as toy storage for your kids’ bedrooms.

Even if you already have a built-in closet in your house, you can always benefit from a little extra storage.

Who Needs Portable Closets?

  • People who live in tiny houses and don’t have space for full closets.
  • People who often need to move off-season clothes a few times a year.
  • People who are often moving houses.
  • People who need a quick organization fix for their walk-in closets.
  • People who just need extra storage space in their home.

Here are some of our favorite portable closet picks to help you decide which is right for your home:

1. SONGMICS 34″ Portable Clothes Closet | USD 59.99

Basic portable closet

Why we love it: True to its product name, it really is quick and easy to assemble (can be assembled in four ways), even for those who are set-up challenged. It’s waterproof and dust-proof and its zippered doors can be rolled up and tied to provide ease of access to the closet.

Who is it for: The Songmics closet is just the right side for studio apartment dwellers or if you are looking to add some extra storage for your clothes without going over the budget.

Extra Notes: The Songmics closet is compact and versatile enough to be used to function as extra storage for a home office. Try exploring with it if you need some additional storage in your home.

2. LITTLE TREE Free-standing Closet | USD 189.90

Portable closet for clothes and shoes

Why we love it: It looks like it’s taken straight out of your favorite boutique perfect for displaying some of your more expensive items. Did we mention that it’s also heavy-duty? The metal frame has a 350-pound capacity, you can even use the topmost layer to store luggage. 

Who is it for: If you’ve always loved the sleek and chic look of clothing boutiques and want to re-create that look in your home, the Little Tree closet’s design can help you achieve a stylish look in your home.

It’s multifunctional, offering an all-in one space for folded clothes, shoes, hanging clothes, bags and luggage.

Extra Notes: This versatile closet can be used way beyond clothes. It can be used in the garage for boxes and to hang tools. We love the idea of using this as a plant shelf for succulents and hanging hanging potted ferns.

3. MAGINELS Children’s Portable Closet | USD 64.99

Kid's portable closet

Why we love it: We really love the versatility of this kid’s closet. It’s easy to remove the panels and you can even change up the layout. The friendly animal faces are a huge plus and can really perk up any child’s room. They also sell extra rods and other parts in case you need it. 

Who is it for: This cute portable closet can be an extra storage space for your kids’ rooms if they have some toys or clothes that need to be organized.

Extra notes: The character faces can be used to teach your kids how to pick up and put their items back to its proper place. For example, you can assign a specific animal face for books, another face for their toys and so on. It’s a win-win situation for you and your kid.

4. IRIS USA Metal Garment Rack | USD 76.85

Minimalist portable closet

Why we love it: A lot of people are falling in love with Scandinavian styles and this garment rack is just that.

We love the natural wood color paired with the white metal finish that would go really well with your neutral clothes. It’s cute, aesthetic, simple and great for studio apartments or dorms. 

Who is it for: Works well if you are trying to get into the Minimalist mindset. It ties the room well and gives your room a clean look.

Extra notes: It can also function as a small plant shelf and will even look great with macrame planters.

5. Amazon Basics Expandable Wardrobe | USD 85.03

Amazon portable expandable closet

Why we love it: Keyword here is expandable, which offers tiny home dwellers flexibility in their storage or it can also be an excuse to buy more clothes, if we’re being honest. It has ten adjustable shelf heights and each shelf can hold 100 pounds worth of items.

Who is it for: One can simply never have enough clothes and this expandable closet gives you enough space without the added bulk. 

Keep in mind: The simple and basic look of the Amazon Basics Wardrobe makes it versatile enough to be used even for your pots and pans in the kitchen and as office storage.

Final Word

While we can only dream of having Carrie Bradshaw’s walk-in closet, we at least have space-saving options like portable closets and garment racks to help us keep our house tidy and our favorite clothes organized.

Any tiny house owner knows that space will always be an issue and you are always left with limited options to spruce up and organize your space.

However, a small and minimalist space will also serve to constantly remind you to go back to simpler living and get only what you need to live.