Are Recliners for Small Spaces Suitable for Your Home?

Farah Nadia

Recliners for small spaces; are they worth it? I’ll walk you through why you may (or may not) need one if you live in a small house.

Recliners have become a staple in many homes. They are popular because they offer comfort and relaxation, as well as some medical benefits to people who need them. But not all of us live in large houses with lots of space for furniture, so should we avoid getting recliners?

Recliners for small spaces

We will try to answer this question by looking at what is a recliner, why it’s so popular, and what are its uses.

What are recliners for small spaces

Recliners are furniture pieces that allow you to recline in order to relax and feel comfortable. They can also provide medical benefits for people who need them, such as those with mobility issues. There are many types of recliners out there but the most popular ones include:

  • Lazy Boy Recliner – These have a wider backrest than other recliners so they’re perfect if you want some extra support while relaxing;
  • Small Recliner – These fit well in tight spaces or small apartments because they take up less space when not being used (they often fold up);
  • Ottomans – An ottoman is typically smaller than a recliner and it does not offer any medical benefits, but it can support you and make your seating more comfortable.

Can you really fit a recliner in a smaller space

Recliners are known to be bulky. It’s often wide, plump, and takes up quite a chunk of space. If you have a smaller space like an apartment, studio, or tiny house will it really fit?

It has been suggested that the recliner is not always worth buying because of its bulkiness and how large it may seem in such areas as apartments or homes with limited space.

If you live in a small space such as these, realize that the size and weight will take away from any unused floor area- meaning less room for anything else like rugs or plants! Not only this but because they’re bulky, they might also hinder how much storage space you’ll have available too.

Overall when deciding whether or not owning a recliner would work for someone living in a small space such as those listed above, there should really consider all aspects before making your final decision on what you want to do with your home.

Why would I need to purchase a recliner for my small apartment or studio apartment?

A recliner can make you feel like a king in your small space. So if lounging on the couch is also where you sleep, then this might be just what’s needed to get those movie nights and reading sessions are done without having to lug around that big old heavy thing!

Pros and cons of living with a recliner in a small house

Does the benefits of having a recliner outweigh its drawbacks? On one hand, it’s so, so comfortable. But on the other hand, it usually takes up a lot of space.

To help you weigh both sides, here are the pros and cons of recliners for small spaces:

  • You may not have much space for furniture, but recliners typically take up less room than a loveseat or couch.
  • Recliners are usually narrower and more compact because they don’t need to be as deep in order to recline back fully. This can save some floor space if you live in a small house such as an apartment studio or a tiny home.
  • If your bathroom is also your living area then the recliner might make it easier when getting ready by reducing the number of steps that you have to walk from one side of the house to another with no chair/sofa nearby.
  • A recliner can make it easier on people who suffer from bad circulation since sitting down on one alleviates this issue
woman sitting on sofa chair beside window

How much does it cost to buy a small recliner

A recliner can be a good investment for those who are looking to create more space in their small home.

Depending on your needs and preferences, there are different types of recliners that you may want to consider such as an electric power recliner or leather reclining chair with heat functions.

The price range will vary widely depending on what options the specific product has and what quality it is and where you purchase it from (online retailer vs brick & mortar).

Below is a list of average prices for popular styles:

Basic Electric Power Recline Chair ($150) – This type of recliner usually doesn’t have many extra features but does provide easier mobility because users don’t need to get up out of the chair to recline.

Mid-Range Leather Recliner ($350) – This type of recliner is usually made with upscale leather and provides a softer, more luxurious feel than the basic electric power reclining chairs. However, these types are typically heavier and not as easy to move from room to room.

Premium Power Recliner ($500+) – These styles are known for having all sorts of extra features such as heat functions or cup holders that may be appealing depending on your needs. They also tend to have higher price tags due to their additional features but don’t skimp out on quality because you’ll want something durable for daily use!

Final thoughts on why buying recliners for small spaces is worth it for those who live in tiny houses or small apartments 

The question arises- what about those living in smaller places where there isn’t much room for anything else other than essentials such as furniture? There are some considerations that need to be taken into account before making this decision:

  • Recliners take up quite a bit of room and therefore many opt-out from buying them due to size restrictions
  • If you do not have a recliner, then there is the option to buy an ottoman or footstool which can be used as extra seating instead.
  • Recliners are more expensive than most other types of furniture and so if one does not fit in your home, it may not be worth purchasing at all

The solution for those who have limited space in their homes but want comfort when they sit and lie back up is the recliner.

Some say this piece of furniture doesn’t make sense because it takes up too much room, while others find them to be an absolute necessity with so many benefits.

If you don’t mind spending a little extra time moving your couch around or cleaning underneath after reclining then these pieces might work well for your home.