8 Small Apartment Patio Ideas on a Budget

Farah Nadia

If you’re looking for small apartment patio ideas on a budget, look no further.

Are you thinking of decorating your patio but do not know where to start? Do you have only minimal space to work with and a small budget? And confused with the thousand and one patio furniture you found on Amazon?

This article is the one for you! It gives a list and a detailed explanation of items that you could use to decorate your small apartment patio.

How to decorate a small apartment patio

If there’s one space that can turn your apartment into a really cozy space, it’s gotta be a patio! Not many apartments come with their own patio space, so count your lucky stars if you have one.

But it can be difficult to decorate your patio, especially if you’re on a budget and if it is a small area! This article is here to help you customize your very own patio on a budget.

With items ranging from rugs to beer coolers, here are some small apartment patio ideas on a budget: 

1. Make a mini bar on your patio

This piece of patio furniture acts as both a cooler and a patio table! It is perfect for holding beverages while keeping them on ice! It can hold up to forty 12 oz. cans with ice. It is made out of all weather-resistant resin which allows for an appealing rattan look.

There is a drain plug for easy cleanup. With the versatile use and affordable price of $83, this table makes a perfect addition to your small patio!

2. Add a wall of leaves to make the space feel cozier

Plants can be difficult to take care of, so fake plants could be the right addition to your patio. Buying fake ivy leaves and placing them on your railing or wall will add a fairytale look to your patio.

Amazon sells 158 feet for only $13. This is a very affordable piece that adds a ton of pizazz to your home/patio!

3. Hang Edison lightbulbs to create an ambience 

Proper lighting is a must for patios and these outdoor string lights are perfect for space and looks! They hang over the deck or ceiling of your patio so they do not take up any ground space.

The Edison bulbs add a fairytale or vintage look to complete the theme of our patio decor. These lights are priced at $33 for 48 feet of lights making it a wonderful addition to your patio and not breaking the bank.

4. Install wind chimes for a calming sound experience

These wind chimes are handmade products by the coastal villages of Indonesia. The products are made of all-natural and eco-friendly materials such as seashells and bamboo wood. The wind chimes come in 13 different colors so you can customize your patio however you like. They offer a beautiful sound to soothe you while you sit on your newly decorated patio. The best part is they are eco-friendly and only $22 on Amazon!

5. Get a must-have patio wicker set

A patio is not complete without furniture to sit and admire your beautiful decorating skills! This 3 piece wicker set adds a vintage and rustic feel to your home. This patio furniture set is sturdy and durable featuring a strong steel frame and durable rattan.

It can withstand bad weather and high temperatures. The soft sponge-filled sponge-filled seats are easy to clean and very comfortable.

The assembly is quick and easy making this a great piece to add to your collection! It comes in 4 different colors and is priced at $120 for all 3 pieces!

6. Jazz it up with colorful mini-potted plants

Plants add life and beauty to your patio, but real ones can be difficult to take care of. A great alternative is these fake potted plants. You can find many different types on amazon to suit your needs.

The one listed here has a variety of colors while maintaining the vintage or fairytale look we are going for. They come in a four-pack with an affordable price of only $16 and add freshness to your living space.

7. Make the patio comfortable by placing a rug

Adding a rug to your decor is a great way to include style without taking up space. There are many different rugs for sale on Amazon, so you can pick the color or style that best suits you. This BalajeesUSA rug comes in 4 different styles and 3 different sizes.

The mats are reversible to preserve their life and fade. They offer easy cleaning and maintenance perfect for patio use. The price at $33, an offer that is hard to turn down for something that looks so great on your patio!

8. Add a touch of personality with vintage wall decor

Your patio is not complete without a poster or vintage wall decor! This ‘Group Therapy’ Vintage wall decor is perfect for your tiny patio! It is bound to please any guest with its humorous quality and stylish art. This decor is waterproof and non-glare making it perfect for outdoor use!

The best part is it is only $11! Perfect for a patio on a budget. Amazon has other patio signs available as well, so you can find one that suits your needs and your budget!


There are plenty of options to stylize your patio while on a budget! Amazon offers tons of great products for an affordable price! Include things such as furniture, plants, lights, posters, etc in your decorating to maximize the space you have! Now, let us get to decorating!