Space Saving Furniture: Do You Really Need it?

Farah Nadia

Space saving furniture has been around for a while. But as of late, it’s been slowly gaining popularity.

In an age of rising living costs and urbanization, more people are looking to save space in their homes. And space saving furniture is the answer for those who live in small spaces like a one bedroom apartment or studio unit.

Apartments have become increasingly popular due to increasing rental rates all over North America; innovations with regard to saving room have been slowly catching on and becoming more indispensable (especially given that many apartments come equipped with only enough storage).

These types of smart furniture are a great way to make the most out of your living space. There are many benefits such as being able to fit more things in one room and not having any wasted space, but there can be some drawbacks that come with it too which we will discuss later in this article.

This is not an exhaustive list of the benefits and drawbacks, but it will give you a better idea of how space saving furniture can help you get more use out of your small space.

gray fabric loveseat near brown wooden table

What is space saving furniture and how does it save you space

Space saving furniture is any type of furniture that can be moved, stored, or hidden away to make space seem larger in the room.

Cabinets and shelves with doors on them are good examples. Some folding chairs like banquet chairs can also be dismissed when not needed – dishes can be put on top or slid under tables if needed as well.

Coffee tables with a drawer underneath are often a good idea for people with limited space because it’s one item taking up two spots at once and it provides extra storage too! 

There are many living solutions for fitting things together while they’re out of use, which helps save space.

Some other types of space saving furniture includes:

  • Shelving units, bed frames, and beds can be made lighter weight than the average full-size mattress so they take up less room in your home
  • Fat tables and chairs which require little floor space due to their round shape
  • Adjustable standing desks that adjust upwards from sitting height all the way up to countertop level and don’t take up too much valuable square footage when placed in small homes or office areas.

These types of smart furniture can be a great way of adding extra space to your cramped, tiny apartment or even studio apartment by creating more room for storage and making the most out of every square inch of space you have available.

It’s also an affordable way to create more storage space than you otherwise might not have!

Why do people buy space saving furniture

Space saving furniture can help solve the problem of lack of space by utilizing every square inch of the available area without overcrowding everything together.

There are many different types of space saving furniture such as bunk beds, Murphy bed frames, crates, stacking tables and chairs, wall-mounted desks, and more so you should be able to find something great no matter what your style preference may be!

The first step when considering whether or not to invest in a certain type of furnishing is figuring out what do you really need. If you need a coffee table and storage space, you can consider buying a treasure chest, for example.

white wooden desk near bed inside the room

Pros and cons of buying space saving furniture

Space-saving furniture is a smart choice for small spaces, offering both functionality and affordability. They fit perfectly in compact living areas and adapt to various needs, like a dining table that folds away. But it’s important to weigh the aesthetics and durability against their practicality. Here’s a quick rundown of the pros and cons to help you decide.

It’s a great way to make the most of small spaces. These pieces are super versatile and budget-friendly, fitting snugly into tight spots. Just a heads up though, while they’re big on saving space, sometimes the style and durability might not be what you expect.

Pros of Space Saving FurnitureCons of Space Saving Furniture
Often inexpensive, suitable for tighter budgets.Design prioritizes functionality, which may lead to a lackluster aesthetic.
Collapsible models make more room in smaller spaces.Increased wear and tear due to frequent folding and movement.
Accommodates more people, like extendable tables for 4 to 8 pax.Limited design options, which might not blend well with all interior styles.
Portable, ideal for those who move frequently.Comfort can be compromised in smaller, more compact designs.
Complementary designs save space without clutter (e.g., side desks next to couches).Less durable materials used for portability and flexibility, leading to a shorter lifespan.

Best place to purchase space saving furniture your new home goods for a low price

Nowadays, space saving furniture is becoming a necessity for many people because they need it and can’t afford to buy larger spaces.

The best place to purchase space saving furniture is online where prices are usually much lower than what you would find at retail stores.

It’s important however to be careful about buying used items. Some used space saving furniture might have a little more wear and tear compared to conventional furniture since they come with additional functions and storage spaces.

The best place to find space-saving furniture is in a store that specializes in it. This way you’ll be able to see and touch everything which will help with the decision process of what space saving items you want for your home.

You can also choose some online retailers such as Amazon, Wayfair, or IKEA who offer tons of options at great prices too if you’re not interested

Final Thoughts

Space saving furniture is a great solution for living in small spaces. It can make your home feel larger and you’ll also save money on rent or mortgage payments, utilities, and other expenses that come with owning a house.

But it’s worth considering the drawbacks as well before making any purchase decisions because space saving furniture does require some upkeep to maintain its new look.

Ultimately though if you’re looking to live more comfortably in an affordable way then space saving furniture is definitely something to consider!