25 Types of Studio Apartment Furniture (that Saves Space)

Farah Nadia

Finding the right kind of studio apartment furniture can make or break your day-to-day life at home.

Living in a studio apartment can be frustrating because often there ain’t enough space to put your furniture. It’s important that you find the right balance between having all of what you need and saving some room for comfort. Otherwise, it could feel like a prison.

The first thing you need to do is find out what furniture items are all necessary for your living space.

Make a list of these and then rank them in order from the most needed, which would be closest to where you spend time on average (a couch) down to least important or those that can go somewhere else like an office chair).

With so many great furniture options out there, it’s hard to make a decision on what you should buy. To help simplify the process and narrow down your options for buying new furniture, here are some helpful steps:

  • Know where you spend most of your time in order to know which room needs more attention
  • Living rooms need couches while bedrooms might require beds
  • Take measurements beforehand because not everything can be brought right into an apartment/house.

Once you have all the information you need – shape of your studio unit, wall measurements, and all that – you can start looking for the type of studio apartment furniture that will fit right in.

To help you get started, we have compiled a list of 25 different types of studio apartment furniture that look great, function well, and helps to save space.

1. TANGKULA Wall Mounted Table

This wall-mounted computer desk is made of high-quality material that is strong and sturdy for daily use.

This wall-mounted table features multiple storage compartments so you can store and display your items with ease. The fold-up and wall-mounted design make this perfect for a compact space such as a studio apartment.

Its affordable price of $110 and great reviews make this a must-have for micro-living! It is a multi-functioning desk that has a modern appearance so your new apartment will be stylish! This storage-saving solution makes a perfect desk for work or school. 

2. Best Choice Products Leather Futon Sofa Bed

This futon converts into a bed with ease allowing for maximum space in a studio apartment. If you want more space for toys or games you may want to consider having a bed that also works as a couch.

This is great for saving space and money. Even if you already have your bed it is a great tool for having friends over! The futon is super comfortable and crafted from faux leather with thick cushions and strong padding.

The two cup holders are great for enjoying a beverage while watching tv or playing games. This futon has an affordable price of $190 making it a must-have for a studio apartment dweller!

3. VASAGLE Baker’s Rack

This Bakers rack acts as a coffee station, microwave oven stand, and storage for spices, pots, and pans. This versatile rack is perfect for a studio apartment because it allows for so much storage while taking up little space.

If you do not have enough cabinet or countertop space, no need to worry. This baker’s rack is exactly what you need with hooks, brackets, and shelves. It can fit all your pantry storage needs and at an affordable price of only $76.

The style is rustic so it adds some pizzazz to your kitchen. It is also very durable and sturdy with simple instructions and easy assembly. 

4. YAHEETECH Lift Top Coffee Table

This is not just your ordinary coffee table, this is a coffee table with a hidden storage compartment and shelf. This snakes this lift-top coffee table is perfect for your studio apartment use.

Not only does it function as a coffee table it can raise and become a desk while you sit on your couch. Along with the storage compartment both inside and outside of the table.

This table is a solid and stable space saver! Its chic style is compatible with any room. Priced at $116 this is affordable for a coffee table and storage saver in one!

5. Winsome Trading Inc Table Set

This table set is great for simple living because of its foldable and storage features. The chairs store underneath while the table folds down allowing it to not take up space.

Its efficient wheels make it mobile so it can be a move to any point of the house with ease! It includes two round stools and built-in drawers to hold utensils and linens. It is made of solid wood adding to a sturdy composition!

This space-saving table is a must for your studio apartment! It is not the cheapest item priced at $150, but it is not super expensive either. 

6. Best Choice Products 3-Piece Dining Table Set

If you were not fond of the table we had listed before here is a different one. Although it does not fold up or have wheels it offers bigger storage space and a more chic look.

Its space-saving design makes this item functional yet unobtrusive. The chairs fit perfectly under the table for ample storage space. Its compact set is perfect for studio apartment living.

The chairs are padded and comfortable while the table is durable and water-resistant. It is slightly more expensive than the previous table set at $160 but its modern look will spice up any living space.

7. TIMEYARD Macrame Plant Hanger

This indoor hanging plant shelf is the perfect accent to add to your studio apartment. Its bohemian look adds a fresh style to any home. It functions as both a plant holder and end table.

You can set books, plants, whatever you would like on it! It is made of cotton cord, raw, wooden beads, and a chestnut wooden base that allows for a strong and durable piece. It has a very affordable price of $20 and comes in the color brown.

Since this hanger set is hung from the ceiling you can save wall and floor space while beautifying your living area. 

8. DHP Studio Loft Bunk Bed

This space-saving studio loft bunk bed is a great addition to the studio apartment. Its sturdy build and safety rails accommodate a twin-size mattress.

This bunk bed has a built-in desk and shelves underneath it. This adds ample for the studio apartment because it does not take up a lot of floor space. This bed does have a weight limit, so it is best used for lighter men and women.

If this is not the item for you consider one of the futon options we have listed. This item is priced at $400, which is reasonable for a 3 in 1 bed!

9. Magnetic Fridge Spice Rack Organizer

This magnetic fridge spice rack is perfect if you do not have a lot of cabinets or pantry space in your studio apartment.

Its easy installation goes on the outside of your fridge so you have easy access to your favorite spices and paper towels when cooking. It is space-saving because you do not have to clutter your countertops with items.

There are 5 movable hooks for hanging lightweight items. The black color added is stylish and matches anything! This rack was created with simplicity and practically with great quality while saving space.

Its affordable price of $30 is a must for your studio apartment kitchen.

10. Winsome Suzanne 3-PC Set Space Saver Kitchen

This kitchen space saver is similar to the one mentioned above. It has a slightly more stylish look and a dark coffee finish to match the furniture in your studio apartment! It comes with two stools that store under the table.

The table itself folds down to save space. It is made of solid wood and is very durable and sturdy. The set rolls easily on casters so you can store it anywhere! It is slightly more expensive and priced at $156, but its price does not break the bank.

It’s roughly the same price as the other foldable table set, so it comes down to style preference which decking between the two. 

11. Modern Dark Brown Wood Open Bookcase

This modern wooden open bookcase adds both style and storage to your studio apartment. The open style does not close off the room and would make a perfect divider.

It can hold books or other items adding convenience and decorative features. It has four rustic burnt wood shelves that are removable. It can also be easily folded up and put into storage to save space.

This doubles as a divider to section off areas in your studio apartment. It is priced at $180, but would be a great asset to your studio apartment!

12. L-Shaped Desk

This three-piece corner computer desk allows space-saving in the home while staying stylish at the same time.

The sturdy steel frame and environmental particle board are bound to last. The footrest bar allows for more comfort and the adjustable glides allow for balancing the desk on uneven floors.

The L-shape makes it fittable in a corner so that maximum space is used. This is to ensure you keep your studio apartment open and clutter-free. This is a very affordable desk at only $70, this is a must-have for your tiny living!

13. Catty Corner Shelf

This catty-corner shelf fits anywhere in your house and is the perfect size for the small bathroom or even the living room.

It provides storage and multifunctions as a bookshelf, plant stand, or kitchen organizer. It’s waterproof so that moisture does not ruin the wood, making it ideal for a bathroom space.

It’s lightweight, easy to assemble, and made of environmental material. Priced at only $27 this affordable item will look great in your studio apartment!

14. Giantex Over-The-Toilet Rack

This clever and versatile bathroom space saver is perfect for the studio apartment bathroom. Typically, studio apartment bathrooms are small and there is not a lot of storage space.

This is why this over-the-toilet rack not only saves space but adds ample storage for all your bathroom needs.

Its sturdy construction and convenient use go hand in hand with its price of $140. Making it not the most affordable piece, but definitely, one that will last. 

15. Lavish Home Foldable Storage Cube

The Lavish Home Foldable Storage Cube is a great addition to any living room. It doubles as an ottoman and storage space.

It comes in grey and brown so it is bound to match your apartment style. It has a collapsible design for easy storage and setup!

Their versatile use, sturdiness, and affordable price of only $31 make this a must-have in your studio apartment!

16. YITAHOME Dresser with 8 Drawers

A dresser is always needed to store clothes or other things. This 8 drawer dresser is made of a quality metal frame and durable wooden top. It comes with 8 removable and foldable fabric drawers.

The dark grey colors are bound to match any style and give a modern look to your studio apartment while providing storage. It is priced at $110, which is relatively affordable for a reliable dresser. 

17. Amolife Vanity Makeup Set

Although not a space saver, this vanity is a great look for any studio apartment. It is likely the bathroom will not have enough space and storage in it due to the small size of the apartment, so having a vanity is a must.

It acts as both storage for your toiletries and a mirror to get yourself ready. It is sturdy build, comfortable seating, and affordable price of $100 make this a must-have for your studio apartment.

You get a choice between black, brown, or white so that you can match it to your furniture and keep your style or theme. 

18. Greenco 5 Tier Wall Muont Corner Shleves

These affordable 5 tire wall-mounted corner shelves add great storage to your studio apartment without taking up any ground space.

They can fit in any corner of the room and can hold things such as pictures, books, plants, etc. The wood finish is durable and stylish. It comes in 8 different colors so that you can customize your home. It is easy to mount and only $30!

19. OSP Home Furnishings Wicker Papasan Chair

This wicker Papasan chair does not space save but it adds a punch of style to your studio apartment.

The wicker build is sturdy and the cushion is very comfortable. This is a great seat for a living room or bedroom! It comes in a variety of colors so you can design your studio apartment however you would like.

It’s on the pricier end of things at $157, but makes a very fun addition to your studio apartment!

20. Best Choice Products Linen Futon

Similar to the Best Choice Leather Futon the fabric futon is one to include in your studio apartment.

Whether you want to save space by having a bed and couch in one or you want an extra place for friends for a sleepover, this futon is for you! It has a fold-down armrest for holding drinks and it is durably creFoldableated to last!

It’s perfect for small spaces and is very affordable for a couch at $280. It comes in 3 different colors so you can customize your apartment however you would like!

21. Holikme Mop Broom Holder Wall Mount

If you live in a studio apartment you probably do not have a lot of pantry room if any pantry at all.

That is why it is a must for you to organize your cleaning supplies such as brooms and mops. This wall-mounted organizer is perfect for that. Priced at only $11 it makes a great addition to your studio apartment by saving space and creating storage at the same time!

22. Best Choice Products 3-Piece Wooden Round Table

If the other tables we mentioned do not suit your fancy then this one might. This three-piece wooden round table is small yet durable and saves space in your apartment while having a place to eat.

The chairs fold completely under the table so that maximum storage is used. There is a rack to hold wine bottles underneath so you have liquor storage as well! It is priced at $90, making it the cheaper of the tables but it does not make it any less durable! 

23. Kamiler Fabric Drawers Dresser with Shelves

This fabric dresser with shelves acts as both a storage and display shelf. It is perfect for holding books, clothes, plants, whatever you can think of!

It’s very versatile and has 3 open shelves with 3 foldable drawers to provide ample storage. Its superior material makes for a solid build that is bound to last. This would look great in any studio apartment and has an affordable price of $70!

24. Yusong Ladder Shelf

This ladder shelf is a 5 tier bookshelf that is both stylish and perfect for your storage needs. Its rustic brown color matches any home style and its multi-function use makes it perfect for a studio apartment.

It’s on the pricier side of storage at $90, but it is not too expensive! It is easy to assemble and made of durable material so it is bound to last you!

25. BOWERY HILL Sectional Sleeper Sofa with Storage

This sleeper sofa is interesting with the fact it has storage under the cushions. It also extends out into a bed, so you get a very versatile use!

It’s the most expensive thing we have listed at $686. Its great quality and 3 in 1 build make this a very useful tool in a studio apartment because it acts as both a couch and storage compartment.